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After a year of learning and developing new technologies we are back to stay.

We have new projects and we are anxious to show them, so you can't stop watching this site regularly.

We are back with a simple and funny website, thanks to the group Dacode so you can be up to date with our news.

Also we have have expanded our horizons and we are in the social networks: twitter, facebook, tuenti and youtube.

We hope you like it and you enjoy it as much as us in this adventure.

See you soon!

About MCS

Who are we?

We are an indie group for videogame development in Sevilla. We are students and professionals from this sector with a width range of skills, which from programming, art, design and production of videogames.

We have a policy of making free games (Free-To-Play), adding a strong involvement with the enviroment and originality


We are looking to promote the culture and the world around videogames in Sevilla city, teaching professionals through the experience based in teamwork, producing innovative videogames and through partners with other related teams from these sector and similar interests.


We are luckily a dinamic and modern team which adapt to new tecnologies everyday. We have developed our projects under the following libraries and engines:



Color Chain Reaction

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Color Chain Reaction

Campamento Madrilla

Direct Download

Campamento Mandrilla

Sexy Zombies

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Sexy Zombie

Sexy Particles

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Sexy Particle

Contact Us

Contact us now!

skype Phone Number: 687263455
Gmail E-mail: